Ouezzane or Ouazzane (also known as ‘ville sacrée’ – sacred city or ‘village of mount myths’ – city of the mountain myths), is a town in northern Morocco. The place is well known, in Morocco and throughout the Islamic world, for its great spiritual meaning and was the home for many of the pillars of ‘Sufism’. The historical origins of Ouazzane are still uncertain and confused. According to some versions, the existence of the place dates back to ancient Roman times.

The history of city is intertwined with ‘Moulay Abdallah Cherif’ (the founder of the ‘Brotherhood’ and a descendant of ‘Idriss II’) who ‘cleaned’ Ouezzane in 1727. This brotherhood achieved great national prominence during the 18th and 19th centuries, when the ‘zaouïa’ in Ouezzane became an important political and spiritual centre, and the focus of extensive pilgrimage activity.

Many pilgrims come to visit his tomb every year. The old medina is very special, in terms that it is not surrounded by traditional ramparts and monumental fortified gates, like the other ancient Moroccan cities as described in this site. This feature may lie in the history of the city. However, the doors related to the exterior walls of old houses, allowed an enclosure of the medina if required. The first door is known as ‘Bab Fatha’. It’s a simple semicircular flattened arch of baked bricks and dry stones. The second gate is called ‘Bab Jmouâa’. It consists of a pointed arch doubled by a mantling arc.

About 3 kilometre from the town leads up to the peak (609 meters) and gives a great view across towards the Rif. ‘Zaouia’ Ouazzania also has a prestigious library whose works dealt with various themes such as spirituality, astronomy, Sufism, and philosophy.

The medina has one of the most interesting architecture in the Rif, with picturesque tiled-roof houses along winding cobbled streets. ‘Dar Skaf’ is the oldest district of the Medina. The heart of the medina is exclusively reserved for commercial activities. The most special is the trade of the famous ‘Jellaba’ Ouazzania. The yearly held international sport event ‘racing Ouazzane’ brings together thousands of athletes. Next to that, it is also a centre for the production of olive oil.

Ouezzane is part of the tourism region ‘Centre Atlantique‘ of Morocco.