Mo-s musique

In this page we give a brief overview of the wide range of traditional and modern music styles Morocco has to offer.

Berber musician with Rebab


Source Pictures (with kind permission): Victoria L. Bergesen

Amazigh musique: Amarg Fusion – Iwighd Adar

Abdel Fatah El Greeny – Ya Taxi (Traditional folklore with modern flavour)

Oum Taragalta: Musique from the dessert

Bienvenue au Maroc – Kalsha feat Jalal El Hamdaoui: Moroccan rap

Bienvenue à Meknes – Kalsha feat Rekta & Don Erback

Kalsha feat. Cheba Maria – Les Lions De L’Atlas

Lalime ft raiss New clip Blédi Blédi

Appa ft. Douzi – Ana Maghrabi