Sefrou – Cherry festival

In 2012, the ‘Cherry Festival of Sefrou’ was recognized as Immaterial Heritage by the UNESCO. This is the oldest festival in Morocco and has been founded in the early 1920s. For three days in June (each year), the local population of Sefrou celebrates the natural and cultural beauty of the region.

It is symbolized by the cherry fruit and that year’s newly chosen ‘Cherry Queen’. It focuses on all activities that link nature, through the celebration of cherry picking, and culture, by the highlighting of performing arts and specific crafts products of the region. The highlight of the festival is a parade with performing troupes, rural and urban music, majorettes and bands, and floats featuring local producers. The element gives rise to celebrations and practices spreading knowledge and know-how related to the cherry tree and fruit, as well as to the staging of local beauty and culture.

Its annual organization involves the entire population of the city and its neighbours in a festive atmosphere. The festival gives rise to various activities in the economic, social, and cultural realms. The cherry festival provides an opportunity for the entire city to present its activities and achievements. The festival is part of the cultural heritage, a source of pride and belonging that enhances the self-esteem of the city and its people, and constitutes a fundamental contribution to their local identity.

Sefrou Cherry festival is part of the tourism region ‘Maroc Centre‘ of Morocco.