Mo-s natural parks

There are 13 national Parks and 1 biological Reserve in Morocco. Toubkal National Park, established in 1942, is the oldest and by far the most visited. The parks are situated rather well in-line so it aleady allows wildlife migration to some extent. The only missing component in this wildlife corridor is a gap between Al-Hoceima and Seghir (so roughly at the location of Hakkama). The 13 parks are:

Al Hoceima National Park

Dakhla National Park

Haut Atlas Oriental National Park

Ifrane National Park
Ifrane National Park is another popular destination within the Middle Atlas Mountains. Here, you can catch your lunch by fishing for trout or pike in the park’s rivers and lakes. If you prefer to simply take in the sights, a day of hiking should take you to volcanic plateaus, green pastures and cedar forests.

M’goun National Park
The Mgoun National Park. which is known as the Central High Atlas, is famous for its scenic rivers, deep gorges and gorgeous mountain scenery. One of the highlights of a visit to Mgoun National Park is a trip to the Ait Bougmez Valley, which pays a tribute to the more traditional ways of living in Morocco.

Iriqui National Park

Khenifiss National Park

Khenifra National Park

Souss-Massa National Park

Talassemtane National Park

Tazekka National Park
The Tazzeka National Park (within the Middle Atlas Mountains) is known for its natural wonders like deep canyons, hidden cave systems, babbling streams and gushing waterfalls. While admiring the open valleys of colorful wildflowers, careful observers will also spot a variety of birds and reptiles.

Toubkal National Park

Tamri National Park

Merdja Zerka National Park (Permanent Biological Reserve)