Mo-s first Post

Welcome to our new site ‘Mo-srocco’!

This website is dedicated to ‘Mohammed VI’, the current king of Morocco.

with respect, his name can also be named shortly ‘Mo’

The name of our site is ‘Mo-srocco’ meaning ‘Mohammed’s VI Morocco’

or shortly ‘Mo’s Morocco’,
which we renamed to ‘Mo’srocco’ or ‘Mo-srocco’)

Just after King Mohammed VI acceded to the throne (23 July 1999), he took the initiative to create, in close cooperation with the private sector, a new strategy on tourism called ‘Vision 2010’. This vision was formally signed in 2001 and had two primary goals: 1) to serve as a roadmap for the tourism sector until 2010, and 2) to allow the Moroccan tourism cluster to compete effectively with other tourism clusters in the Mediterranean region. The main target was that Morocco would have 10 million visitors by the year 2010. With an increase from 4.3 million tourists in 2000 to 9.3 million tourists in 2010, 97 percent of this target was reached, which can be considered as a major achievement.

Based on this success, in 2010, Morocco defined a new policy ’Vision 2020 for tourism in Morocco’, which seeks to expand the country’s appeal to include its rich variety of countryside, such as its mountains and deserts. This can be considered as the national framework for strategic activity. The main goals of this new vision include: 1) getting Morocco into the world’s top 20 destinations; 2) doubling the industry’s size by creating 470,000 new jobs, whereby the share of tourism in GDP will rise by 2%, and the number of tourists will more than double, to reach 140 billion MAD in 2020; 3) implementing a policy of improving Morocco’s offering to tourists; 4) providing a new institutional arrangement (governance); and 5) developing sustainable tourism.

With our website we want to contribute to this ambition by showing the rich natural and cultural diversity of Morocco. This website will be open for everybody who wants to contribute to all the great value Morocco has to offer. It will thereby be a website by people and for people.

The Mo-srocco Web Team.

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