Mo-s Travellers award 2017

Marrakech is again internationally distinguished . The city has been chosen by traveller choice award of the travel website TripAdvisor as one of the places to visit in 2017!

Maroko - Marrakesz, minaret meczetu Moulay Al Yazid

The annual list is Marrakech in third place after Ankara and London. Paris is fourth, followed by Siem Reap (5th), Prague (6th), Rome (7th), Hanoi (8th), New York (9th) and finally Bali (10th).

According ‘TripAdvisor’ visitors in Marrakech can “discover ancient local culture through markets, gardens, palaces and mosques”. The rankings are including as many as 469 cities. A nice distinction for the Moroccan city!

The Mo-srocco Web Team

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