Mo-s Global destination award

Casablanca the 9th most popular overnight destination

This year’s edition of the ‘MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index’ ranks Casablanca the 9th most popular overnight destination for international visitors heading to the Middle East and Africa region.

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The Moroccan city beat the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, which took the 10th spot on the regional list, but stood behind Dubai, Riyadh, Johannesburg, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Tehran, Cape Town and Beirut – in that order.

Welcoming 1.05 million guests over the past year, Casablanca demonstrated the second highest growth rate in the number of visitors to the city over the past year, with the credit card company tracking a 14.5 percent increase in foreigners in Morocco’s business capital.

The coastal city attracts the most tourists during the April-May and the September-October periods – right before and after the scalding summer months. Just under a third of money spent by Casablanca’s visitors pays for accommodations, while another third goes towards food and transportation. That leaves the last third for souvenirs and other local services.

Casablanca is known for the giant King Hassan II mosque and a large portion of visitors stay in the city overnight after they land at Mohammed V International Airport.

Source: Morocco World News

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Mo-s Travellers award 2017

Marrakech is again internationally distinguished . The city has been chosen by traveller choice award of the travel website TripAdvisor as one of the places to visit in 2017!

Maroko - Marrakesz, minaret meczetu Moulay Al Yazid

The annual list is Marrakech in third place after Ankara and London. Paris is fourth, followed by Siem Reap (5th), Prague (6th), Rome (7th), Hanoi (8th), New York (9th) and finally Bali (10th).

According ‘TripAdvisor’ visitors in Marrakech can “discover ancient local culture through markets, gardens, palaces and mosques”. The rankings are including as many as 469 cities. A nice distinction for the Moroccan city!

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Mo-s Tourist statistics

More tourists in Morocco thanks to world-Moroccans

The number of tourists who visited Morocco in the first nine months of the year is slightly increased in accordance with the Moroccan Tourism Observatory. In a statement they declare that the number of tourists in that period increased by 0.3 per cent to 8.1 million compared to last year.

The number of arrivals of foreign tourists between January and September fell by 3.6 per cent. The increase is due to an increase of 3.8 per cent in arrivals of foreign-based Moroccans. Especially Brits (-7%), Germans and French (-2%) Morocco visited less. The kingdom on the other hand had more Dutch (+ 2%), Belgians and Spaniards (+ 1%).

Unexpectedly, the number of Chinese and Russian tourists who visited Morocco since the beginning of the year. Their number increased by 184 and 102 per cent respectively! Agadir and Marrakech remain the top visit locations wich drew 60 per cent of the total number of tourists who visited Morocco.

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Mo-s Legzira beach

Ionic rock archway collapses on to beach in Morocco

One of two archways regarded as natural wonders comes down at Legzira beach, leaving a pile of rubble on Atlantic coast.

Legzira Beach, Morocco

One of two rock archways at Legzira beach on Morocco’s Atlantic coast has collapsed. A pile of red rubble was all that was left after the natural wonder near the city of Sidi Ifni, 93 miles (150km) south of Agadir, came down on Friday afternoon September 23.

They were among Morocco’s best-known natural wonders: two immense rock archways towering over Legzira beach on the Atlantic coast. Often cited as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Legzira is famous for sunsets punctuated by the rock structures jutting out from the cliffs.  It took Mother Nature thousands of years (formed by erosion) to create the most recognizable Natural Arch at Legzira beach in Mirleft, a village on Morocco’s southern coast.

Hundreds of pictures of the collapsed rock were shared on social media with sometimes harsh criticism of the local authorities. Residents of Sidi Ifni would have warned them repeatedly for the growing number of cracks in the bow. It is however not exactly known what caused the collapse, but the movement of the sea could be a factor. A large crack appeared on the southern face of the arch in March after a chunk of it fell off, Ifnipress reported. The second, larger arch remains standing further along the beach.

It was regarded as one of the greatest beaches in the world, for example it reached the 29th place in 2014.

The loss of the arch may have an impact on Morocco’s tourism sector, which saw a fall in overseas visitors in the first half of 2016. Fears of terrorism and regional instability are thought to be to blame for a decline in tourists heading to the main destinations of Agadir and Marrakech.

Source: The Guardian

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Mo-s Travel Safety

Morocco Among Safest Countries in the World

A travel advisory released by the US Department of State this Monday reveals the safest countries to travel to during the holiday season. Morocco was listed as safe.

The U.S. State Department released a travel advisory on Monday, November 21, indicating which countries are safe for travel during the upcoming holiday period. No alert or warning was issued in regards to Morocco. The only other country in North Africa that was labelled as safe besides Morocco is Egypt.

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Mo-s Travel picture 2016

National Geographic:

Travel Photographer of the year contest 2016 

Category: Cities
Location: Marrakesh, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, Morocco


Ben Youssef
Source: Photo and caption by Takashi Nakagawa

Marrakesh, Morocco, is an exciting city for any traveler, but I was tired of walking on the crowded street and being asked for money from local people, so I was looking for a place to settle down. Even though there were a lot of people in Ben Youssef Madrasa, it was still a more quiet and relaxing place than outside. Suddenly a beautiful reflection appeared on the shallow pool when I was taking a rest.

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Mo-s first Post

Welcome to our new site ‘Mo-srocco’!

This website is dedicated to ‘Mohammed VI’, the current king of Morocco.

with respect, his name can also be named shortly ‘Mo’

The name of our site is ‘Mo-srocco’ meaning ‘Mohammed’s VI Morocco’

or shortly ‘Mo’s Morocco’,
which we renamed to ‘Mo’srocco’ or ‘Mo-srocco’)

Just after King Mohammed VI acceded to the throne (23 July 1999), he took the initiative to create, in close cooperation with the private sector, a new strategy on tourism called ‘Vision 2010’. This vision was formally signed in 2001 and had two primary goals: 1) to serve as a roadmap for the tourism sector until 2010, and 2) to allow the Moroccan tourism cluster to compete effectively with other tourism clusters in the Mediterranean region. The main target was that Morocco would have 10 million visitors by the year 2010. With an increase from 4.3 million tourists in 2000 to 9.3 million tourists in 2010, 97 percent of this target was reached, which can be considered as a major achievement.

Based on this success, in 2010, Morocco defined a new policy ’Vision 2020 for tourism in Morocco’, which seeks to expand the country’s appeal to include its rich variety of countryside, such as its mountains and deserts. This can be considered as the national framework for strategic activity. The main goals of this new vision include: 1) getting Morocco into the world’s top 20 destinations; 2) doubling the industry’s size by creating 470,000 new jobs, whereby the share of tourism in GDP will rise by 2%, and the number of tourists will more than double, to reach 140 billion MAD in 2020; 3) implementing a policy of improving Morocco’s offering to tourists; 4) providing a new institutional arrangement (governance); and 5) developing sustainable tourism.

With our website we want to contribute to this ambition by showing the rich natural and cultural diversity of Morocco. This website will be open for everybody who wants to contribute to all the great value Morocco has to offer. It will thereby be a website by people and for people.

The Mo-srocco Web Team.

Mo-s pictures

We added a new page ‘Mo-s contributions‘ to our site where we thank all the people who contributed to our site ‘Mo-srocco’.

A picture tells more than a thousand words. We especially would like to thank the Flickr community to share their great pictures with us. We were amazed with all the talent and high quality pictures we found of Morocco. We would like to give a special thanks to the people who kindly gave their permission to use the pictures for our site.

The Mo-srocco web team.